Viezly august update

September 01, 2021

Hey there!

The summer is over, so here is our August update with a lot of good news :)

New design for code diffs 💎

We completely changed the way Viezly displays code. Before it was just a modal with highlighted code and somewhat handy dependency navigation. Now it looks much more convenient.

Code diff Check out real-world example →

On the top of the page there is a pull request info — title, author, branches, link to the GitHub, and on-hover description.

On the left side, you can see a new panel. It has the list of opened diffs — a current file and its dependencies. And on some dependencies, there are little arrows. These arrows are the links to open dependencies of the dependency

Dependencies navigation

With this dependency navigation, it’s easy to navigate deep into the code and then go back to any level.

And in the bottom-right corner, there is a little ? button. Here you can find links to documentation, the introduction guide, and the join Slack link. And you now can send us a message! We added a Crisp chat so in case of any questions don’t hesitate to send us few words in the chat.

Folder view 🗂

Another cool and long-awaited feature is a folder view. Sometimes diagram has several non-linked files. And the only way to view them was by clicking on every file.

Now you can click on any folder on any diagram, and you’ll see all the files in that diagram.

Folder diff

Word highlight 🕵️

Word highlight is a small, but powerful feature. It brings a bit of IDE’s power to the code review :) The feature works in a pretty simple way — you select the keyword, and Viezly highlights all occurrences of this word in the code.

Word highlight

Also, you can notice that syntax highlight has significantly improved.

Python support 🐍

To other news — we now support Python! Yay!

Python dependencies visualization

That’s all for this month. Don’t forget to try out all the new features 😉

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