Viezly july update

July 31, 2021

Hey! It’s been a very hot month ☀️. Here are few updates we’ve implemented this month on Viezly.

Search 🔎

Before, if you want to find a file in the pull request with multiple diagrams, you had to click on each diagram and look for it. Now you can use the search! Each search results shows a link to the file and can locate the file on its diagram.


Direct diagram and file links 🔗

You now can get a direct diagram and file links. Navigating to a diagram and file changes URL in the browser. It’s useful for sharing and discussing specific diagram or file with teammates.

Diagram and code diff performance 📈

We’ve made significant improvements of diagrams loading. Now it loads almost instantly! Also, we improved load time for huge code diff.

Viewed files progress

Viewed files progress is now visible for every diagram separately. The global progress bar for all viewed files in the change request is still in place. But now there are also distinct progress bars for each diagram

Viewed files


Viezly now have documentation pages. The documentation covers all Viezly concepts and features. Also, there is a short guide for new users that shows basic concepts right on the review interface.

📚 Check out docs >

Change request tour


We now have the blog! Go check out the latest blog post about one big reason to review the code.

📜 Check out the latest blog post >

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